About Us

Our Training Philosophy

Our philosophy is to train others above and beyond what is necessary so that they may pass the test easily, but also so that they may fly safely.

The Instructor

Jerry Sharp has not only been flying since he was a teenager, he has also had a passion for it since then. Whether flying personally or teaching others also, his goal is to make flying a safe and enjoyable experience.                  

 Current Certificates, ratings and hours

15,200 TT
7,850 ME
5845+ as CFI
CFI, CFI-I, CFI-MEL, Ground Instructor – Advanced and Instrument
Type Rating – Eclipse Single Pilot


1988 – Flight Review for B100 Transition Training
1989 – Flight Review B100 Recurrent Training
1993 – Flight Safety for Aerostar recurrent
1994 – Attitudes Int'l  Aerostar recurrent
2015 – Eclipse EA50 Transition training
2015 – King Air 200 Transition & 90 Differences Training
2016 – Norton Aviation Eclipse EA50 FAR Part 61.58
2017 – Norton Aviation Eclipse EA50 FAR Part 61.58
2018 – Norton Aviation Eclipse EA50 FAR Part 61.58
2019 - Simcom Training Eclipse EA50 FAR Part 61.58
March 2020 - Eclipse Recurrent
August 2020 - Conquest I initial

The instructor, Jerry Sharp, with a white shirt and a blue striped tie